March Meeting Announcement

Please join us March 9th at Calhoun's Turkey Creek where Harvey Abouelata with ARiES Energy will be presenting on turning waste streams into energy streams. See below for Harvey's bio and abstract. 


Harvey Abouelata, founded ARiES Energy in 2012 with the intention of helping communities transition into a new economic future, moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable natural resources and zero waste.  As president, Harvey oversees sales, product development, and marketing of residential and commercial products and services for power production.   Harvey has extensive experience in business management, business planning, strategy, sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, implementation, and new technology brand identity with concentration in the renewable energy field.

Since graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984, Harvey has been helping businesses launch, reorganize, and bring new technology to market. Harvey excels at setting up successful sales, marketing, business plans and economic development strategies for companies, as well as executing public outreach and education.

While being involved in the solar industry, Harvey has succeeded in bringing millions of dollars in grants to local companies and the state of Tennessee. He is very active in the community and has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility both in and outside of the work environment.

Harvey enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristin, a top producing loan officer with Mortgage Investors Group. Together they have two teenage daughters, supporting the youngest child’s passion for hunter jumper equestrian sport and the eldest’s love for guitar and field hockey.


ARiES Energy strives towards energy independence, environmental stewardship, and economic development.  In order to do this we evaluate our clients needs, reduce based on our evaluation and provide opportunities for energy production. This presentation will discuss turning waste streams into energy and revenue streams.  

Harvey will provide examples of a number of appplications for local industries. One example profile is Sevier Solid Waste (SSWI), a landfill located in pidgeon forge that caters to a growing number of visitors every year.  Wih Dollywood and a great number of attractions, SSWI manages a lot of waste and is currenly one of the only composting facilities in the nation. 

With the application of Biomass gasification at SSWI, the landfill can move towards becoming a zero waste facility.  Biochar, the bi product of gasification, is also valuable as it can be used as a clean coal substitute, as a soil ammendment, and as a filter.  Through SSWI we can envision turning the majority of their waste stream and through gasification create a revenue stream.