June Meeting Announcement

Please join us at Calhoun's Turkey Creek this Wednesday 6/14/17 at 11:30 for our June meeting. Please note there will be no July meeting. See below for details. 


BRUCE H. GORELICK, Ameresco:  Manager, Energy W.A.S.T.E Services


Thirty‐four years’ experience in diagnostic testing and design/specification of steam traps, leak testing compressed air, nitrogen and inert gas systems and related equipment in a wide diversity of entities including: refineries, hospitals, colleges, chemical, pharmaceutical production, pulp & paper industries, food and beverage industries and electric power generating facilities. Authored or co‐authored approx. 15 articles on the subject of steam traps and ultrasonic testing of compressed air/inert gas systems. 
Articles published in national industry publications:
Plant Services Magazine;PlantEngineering,ChemicalProcessing,PlantMaintenance,Reliable Plant Magazine, and Valve Magazine. 
Authorized by the State of North Carolina, Office of Natural Resources, to conduct steam trap testing under its rebate program. Authorized National Distributor for UESystems,Inc., manufacturer of the Ultraprobe. Past Participant on the Steering Committee of the US Government Alliance to Save Energy Best Practices Steam. 
Created & performed steam service training seminars including:
(1)    Testing steam trap performance
(2)    Selection and application of steam traps
(3)    Steam trap repair and maintenance
(4)    Steam energy conservation methods
(5)    trouble‐shooting as team system and
(6)    principles & use of ultrasonic technology. 

Partner, Conserv‐it Software,Inc., software to produce steam, gas & air data reports. Developed repeatable training program to certify steam trap and air/gas leak auditors.

His topic will be on steam traps and their energy usage, including:
•    Selecting the proper steam trap for the application
•    The importance of testing steam traps on a regular basis
•    How failed steam traps impact the system from the standpoint of energy loss
and system (equipment) failures.