Chapter Business and WEEC Roundtable Discussion

Please join us at our Luncheon Meet and Learn at Casual Pint Pub located at 10677 Hardin Valley Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932 on Wednesday October 10th.

Agenda Items:

1. There has been some difficulty in getting speakers and topics this year.  Hopper and Bosley propose that we have chapter members volunteer to serve on a committee to identify speaker topics and confirm speakers.

2. Board members have recommended a $ 1000.00 donation to AEE scholarship fund at the WEEC. Vote of approval of chapter members present at meeting.

3. General discussion about the 2018 WEEC and its features and member benefits.

4. Planning for a local Chapter outing prior to end of 2018

5. Other info and discussion items

Pizza and beverages will be served.

Eventbrite meeting notices will not be sent for this meeting

Payment(s) at the door.  Estimated cost of $ 12-13 each person.

Please RSVP if your schedule permits.