50,001 Ready Training at ORNL

In-Plant Training on 50001 Ready Energy Management

Dates: Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018 – Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

Training Site: Oak Ridge National Laboratory – (MDF - 2370 Cherahala Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37923)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and U.S. DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office are organizing a focused workshop on DOE’s 50001 Ready Energy Management program. Participants will learn the basics of implementing a 50001 Ready energy management system which is structured on the ISO 50001 standard.  Attendees will utilize the DOE 50001 Ready Navigator and several software tools - EnPI Lite, Energy Footprint and Automated Register of Implemented Projects (Project Register) - with real data and case study to enhance the learning.  Finally, the event will prepare participants to start implementing ISO 50001 practices and achieve 50001 Ready recognition.

If you are interested in participating please email ORNL’s Thomas Wenning (wenningtj@ornl.gov).