February Meeting

Please join us for our February 13th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30 am.

Our speakers for this event will be Harold Ivester, President of H I Solutions, Inc. based in Kennesaw, GA, and founder of Solid State Systems, Inc. over 45 years ago. Solid State Systems’s first Building automation system was installed in February 1974 in a large textile plant in Georgia. It’s first computerized telephone/PBX system was installed in 1975 in a New York City law firm. In 1989, Ivester merged Solid State Systems with Alcatel and bought back the Building Automation Division as H I Solutions. Prior to that he was a Research Engineering Specialist in the Lockheed-Georgia Company Advanced Development Lab. He holds several patents in the communications, avionics, and computer controls fields.

Our second presenter will be Philip Ivester, CEO of H I Solutions, Inc. and Director of Engineering Development. Under Philip’s leadership H I Solutions has continued to support its role in supplying innovative products to industry OEMs, national accounts with Fortune 500 companies, and customers with industrial, retail, education, office,  government, and military facilities.

For their presentation, Harold will provide a history of the building automation field during his 45 year involvement, while Philip will discuss where the 45 year history has brought us and why the building automation field plays such a helpful role in today’s business. If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of February 13, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.