June Meeting

Please join us for our June 12th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am.

Our speaker will be Mr. Dave Nowak, President of Ridgetop Lighting, a division of Ridgetop Gardens, Inc. Mr. Nowak is a consultant and expert witness firm for all things lighting. Mr. Nowak has BS degree from Kettering University and has been working with lighting for over 20 years. He designed and brought to market the first LED product to illuminate the interior of the refrigerator. David has designed, tested, and put into production all aspects of light based products, from optical sensors, to human-centric lighting, to horticultural illumination systems. David has been issued twelve (12) US Patents and has a proven track record of designing products that meet the need of his customers.

Mr. Nowakwill be presenting “What is Light, and Why do we Care?” He will discuss light and how our eye interprets color. Topics that will be discussed are color rendering versus color rendering index of a light source. He will also discuss how different sources of light changes the way our eyes interpret colors.

If you do not received an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of June 12th, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.