October Meeting

Please join us for our October 9th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am.

Our speaker will be Dr. Glenn Cunningham. Dr. Cunningham has been involved in performing industrial energy assessments for over 35 years for a wide variety of clients investigating areas of pumping, steam, HVAC, and compressed air systems, etc. Dr. Cunningham holds the following US DOE certifications:

·         US DOE Steam System Instructor

·         US DOE Qualified Specialist in Process Heating Systems

·         US DOE Qualified Specialist in Steam Systems

·         US DOE Qualified Specialist in Pumping Systems

·         US DOE Qualified Specialist in Fan Systems

Dr. Cunningham is director of the Tennessee Tech University Industrial Assessment Center which has provided over 230 U.S. Department of Energy funded energy assessments for small to medium sized industries. Dr. Cunningham has taught mechanical engineering courses at Tennessee Tech University since 1986.  He has also provided HVAC and plumbing design services for several local architects since 1994 and is the engineer of record on over 100 projects.  Dr. Cunningham holds the following licenses and certifications: Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems and Registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Dr. Cunningham will be presenting on compressed air systems. Compressed air is typically the most expensive utility at any plant site and is vital to the operation of most industrial facilities. Poor design and maintenance can make compressed air systems a major area of energy waste. Many plant engineers are concerned with the reliability and quality of their compressed air supply, but do not focus on the operating costs.

The compressed air training course will cover the fundamental operation of each component of a typical compressed air system including common types of compressors, moisture removal equipment, piping systems, and air-using devices. Focus will be on the energy management, quality assurance, design decisions, and maintenance issues. The course is presented from the point of view of the system manager, the operator, and the system assessor.

Participants will learn to make informed decisions in selecting new compressed air equipment and how to optimize the energy efficiency of their existing compressed air systems. Many actual case studies will be presented from the compressed air surveys conducted by the instructor. This compressed air systems course has evolved from the many compressed air surveys conducted by the instructor and his experience in assessing compressed air systems. The course has four main categories each with many subcategories:

·         Compressed air generation

·         Compressed air conditioning

·         Compressed air use

·         Compressed air distribution

            The category of generation is one of the most important focus areas and is where many opportunities for savings are found. This category focuses on the operating characteristics of the main air compressor types and most importantly how these compressors are controlled.  The generation section is critically important because when a compressor operates at part load (and this is generally the case) the efficiency can decrease dramatically. Measurements required for proper energy management will be identified.

            The category of conditioning is also an area where a tremendous amount of savings opportunity is typically found. This category centers on the operation of compressed air dryers, filters, and aftercoolers. The major types of dryers operate in vastly different ways and produce compressed air with significantly different dew points. These operating characteristics provide cost savings opportunities in many systems. In this category liquid removal devices will also be discussed.

            The category of use investigates appropriate and inappropriate compressed air use. This category investigates the operating costs of the compressed air users and tries to identify more cost effective utilities than compressed air. This section of the course also provides common techniques employed to reduce appropriate compressed air consumption.

            The category of leaks covers methods of finding leaks and estimating the leak amount to allow an economic loss to be connected to the leak. Also presented are maintenance activities aimed at managing the compressed air system to minimize leak loss.

For each of the categories the presentation goes into the details of the equipment and the theory of operation. Measurements required for proper management and troubleshooting are identified in each section of the course. All of the management activities are connected to their economic impact.

 If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of October 9th, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

ORNL Building Envelope and Urban Systems Research Group Technical Professional

The apply link for the job is http://bit.ly/2K3F7RF and the text of the job description follows:


Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the largest US Department of Energy science and energy laboratory, conducting basic and applied research to deliver transformative solutions to compelling problems in energy and security. Our diverse capabilities span a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines, enabling the Laboratory to explore fundamental science challenges and to carry out the research needed to accelerate the delivery of solutions to the marketplace.

 The Building Envelope and Urban Systems Research Group cost-effectively improves the energy efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability of building systems by exploring new and emerging materials, components, and systems as well as the fundamentals of heat, air, and moisture transfer. Research is focused on energy saving new construction and retrofit solutions for residential and commercial buildings. BE&USR is currently seeking a Technical Project Manager to support its research goals. 

 Main Responsibilities / Duties

You will:

·         Conduct research and market studies on select Commercial and Residential Building Integration topics to meet program objectives

·         Lead project management and milestone reporting for large projects with interdisciplinary research teams

·         Develop and present various types of communications, including progress reports, proposals, journal articles and conference papers to summarize the results of R&D activities

·         Collaborate with research staff and partner organizations on development of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and user facility agreements

·         Lead teams to develop and hold workshops with internal and external stakeholders on energy saving research topics for buildings

 Qualifications Required

Master’s degree in a Scientific or Business-related field with Bachelor of Science degree is required. At least 5 years of technical project management experience is required. Must have experience conducting project management and reporting, strong attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines. Candidate must be proficient with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). 

You must also possess a basic understanding of building envelope research and building energy savings, specifically research related to thermal performance, durability, and resiliency of building envelope components.

You should have the ability to work creatively and cooperatively as a member of an interdisciplinary research team and demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills to support team building, partnering, and leadership.

You must be highly organized, self-motivated and possess strong interpersonal skills (both oral and written) to support regular interactions with Laboratory staff, sponsors, industry, and academia.

 This position will remain open for a minimum of 5 days after which it will close when a qualified candidate is identified and/or hired.

We accept Word (.doc, .docx), Adobe (unsecured .pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and HTML (.htm, .html) up to 5MB in size. Resumes from third party vendors will not be accepted; these resumes will be deleted and the candidates submitted will not be considered for employment.

If you have trouble applying for a position, please email ORNLRecruiting@ornl.gov.

ORNL is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants, including individuals with disabilities and protected veterans, are encouraged to apply.  UT-Battelle is an E-Verify employer.


ORNL Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Engineer Entry-Level Job Posting

ORNL posted a new position for an Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Engineer on September 23, 2019. The job will be open for approximately two weeks. The position is defined here in the Job Description/Requirements link.

Those interested in applying can go to the link below and search for the req ID/job application #1891, or by the title Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Engineer.


September Meeting

For our September Meeting, we will be taking a tour of Local Motors on September 13th at 11 am. Please see the tour description below:

Local Motors by LMI is a ground mobility company focused on shaping the future for the better by way of manufacturing smart, safe, and sustainable 3D-printed mobility solutions.Join us at our Knoxville, TN microfactory for a tour of our facility and heritage vehicles, and a behind-the-scenes view into our manufacturing process for Olli, the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric shuttle. 

The tour will take approximately one hour, and we will be meeting for lunch as a group afterwards. Invitations to this tour will be sent out via email. There is a 20 person limit, so it is first come first serve when signing up for the tour. Upon signing up, you will be provided with more logistics of the tour.

We hope you can join us for this fun event!

August Meeting

Please join us for our August 14th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am.

Our speaker will be Mr. Alan Hasemeyer. Alan is with Trane and has been in Knoxville since 1983. He grew up in Huntsville, AL where  his dad was a NASA rocket engineer during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Alan earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn Univ. While at Auburn he attended a UT-Auburn game, in Knoxville, in the pouring rain. Auburn lost 21-0, and Alan did not care if he ever saw Knoxville again! Alan and wife LeeAnn have 3 grown children and several grandchildren. After receiving his Professional Registration, Alan worked with West Miller Welch for a few yrs, as a consulting engineer. Afterward he went to work with Trane and has been there 26 yrs.      

Alan will be presenting on chillers covering the following topics:

Chiller Topics
- What is the difference between SEER and EER?
- AHRI ratings vs Net ratings. What are the cost and footprint implications?
- Selections near the “knee” of the curve.
- IPLV/ NPLV ratings and how to apply them
- What are the current refrigerant choices?   
- What are the basic inputs needed to make a good chiller, selection?
- Free Cooling

If you do not received an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of June 12th, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

June Meeting

Please join us for our June 12th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am.

Our speaker will be Mr. Dave Nowak, President of Ridgetop Lighting, a division of Ridgetop Gardens, Inc. Mr. Nowak is a consultant and expert witness firm for all things lighting. Mr. Nowak has BS degree from Kettering University and has been working with lighting for over 20 years. He designed and brought to market the first LED product to illuminate the interior of the refrigerator. David has designed, tested, and put into production all aspects of light based products, from optical sensors, to human-centric lighting, to horticultural illumination systems. David has been issued twelve (12) US Patents and has a proven track record of designing products that meet the need of his customers.

Mr. Nowakwill be presenting “What is Light, and Why do we Care?” He will discuss light and how our eye interprets color. Topics that will be discussed are color rendering versus color rendering index of a light source. He will also discuss how different sources of light changes the way our eyes interpret colors.

If you do not received an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of June 12th, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Tour

The East Tennessee Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers would like to extend an invitation to join us on a tour of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The SNS is an accelerator-based neutron source facility providing the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world for scientific research and industrial development. Tour attendees will have the option of joining fellow tour attendees and chapter officers at Casual Pint Hardin Valley immediately following the tour for drinks and appetizers. There is no cost associated with the SNS tour or Casual Pint social to follow. However, this opportunity is limited to chapter members only.

This event has a limited availability so please RSVP promptly, but no later than Thursday, June 6th.

Date: Thursday June 13th

Location: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Casual Pint Hardin Valley

Time: Tour – 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. (please arrive by 2:00 for the tour) Social – 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

To RSVP for this event please email our sponsor, Karoly Magda, at magdak@ornl.gov.Karoly will provide additional details regarding site access and documentation requirements for the tour.


May Meeting

We will not be having a formal meeting in May. Keep an eye out for a potential tour of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) coming soon. We will see you in June!

April Meeting

Please join us for our April 10th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30 am.

Our speaker will be Karoly Mada, CEM, from ORNL. Karoly Mada holds a BS in Mechanical Engineer and an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee. He has worked at ORNL/SNS since 2010. He is a member of the Central Cooling Systems team and works on the existing Accelerator Cooling Systems improvement projects, design of the accelerator new cooling system, and upgrade of existing cooling systems for Proton Power Upgrade (PPU). He has previously worked in steam and power generation in the automotive industry with PBR/Bosch implementing environmental and energy savings projects specializing in thermal design.

Mr. Mada will present basic knowledge of ORNL/SNS to members of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), East TN Chapter. This presentation will prepare the AEE members for a Chapter SNS tour. The intent is to give a short overview about the ORNL Research and Development Activities, why is neutron research important, where neutron technology is used, and how we make neutrons.

If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of April 10, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

March Meeting

Please join us for our March 13th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am.

Our speak for the event with be Patrick McNabb who is the Director of Construction for Federal Solutions, Ameresco, Inc. Mr. McNabb has 30 years’ experience in the engineering and construction industry working on a wide variety of project types including heavy industrial, civil, utility, municipal, governmental, institutional and manufacturing.  His direct experience includes engineering design, construction management, project management, design/build project management, and operations management. At Ameresco, Mr. McNabb manages the performance of federal construction processes as related to engineering interface and controls, planning, procurement, scheduling, cost, budgeting, accounting, quality, and safety.  His key project responsibilities include the development, implementation, and tracking of project specific performance measures for all project requirements.

Mr. McNabb will present “Document Control and Using a Construction Management Program”. The specific construction management program used by Ameresco is called ProCore.  

If you do not receive an EventBrite invintation for this meeting before the week of February 13, please email an office, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

February Meeting

Please join us for our February 13th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30 am.

Our speakers for this event will be Harold Ivester, President of H I Solutions, Inc. based in Kennesaw, GA, and founder of Solid State Systems, Inc. over 45 years ago. Solid State Systems’s first Building automation system was installed in February 1974 in a large textile plant in Georgia. It’s first computerized telephone/PBX system was installed in 1975 in a New York City law firm. In 1989, Ivester merged Solid State Systems with Alcatel and bought back the Building Automation Division as H I Solutions. Prior to that he was a Research Engineering Specialist in the Lockheed-Georgia Company Advanced Development Lab. He holds several patents in the communications, avionics, and computer controls fields.

Our second presenter will be Philip Ivester, CEO of H I Solutions, Inc. and Director of Engineering Development. Under Philip’s leadership H I Solutions has continued to support its role in supplying innovative products to industry OEMs, national accounts with Fortune 500 companies, and customers with industrial, retail, education, office,  government, and military facilities.

For their presentation, Harold will provide a history of the building automation field during his 45 year involvement, while Philip will discuss where the 45 year history has brought us and why the building automation field plays such a helpful role in today’s business. If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of February 13, please email an officer, and we will take care of this. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Simple Tools for Saving Energy - DOE's New Energy Assessment Software Webinar

Join Thomas Wenning for a webinar  introducing the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) new integrated energy assessment software tool suite - MEASUR. This open-source tool suite is being designed to replace DOE’s historical energy assessment tools and will aid manufacturers in improving the efficiency of energy systems and equipment. Click here for more information on this webinar.

AEE will issue a certificate of attendance for this webinar but it will not contain CEUs or PDHs. However, you may use the webinars as contact hours towards AEE certification renewals. Each contact hour is equivalent to 0.2 CEUs. It is up to the discretion of other associations on whether they will approve the content as contact hours for other renewals.

January Meeting

Please join us for our January 9th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30 am. Our speaker will be Matt Miller, Executive Engineer, LEED AP BD+C, of Messer Construction Company, Knoxville, TN. Mr. Miller has worked for the past 19-years within or close to the HVAC industry with experiences managing mechanical and plumbing construction projects in California with Southland Industries and Lee Company in middle Tennessee; as well as HVAC engineering with Bechtel at the Hanford Nuclear Waste Treatment and Vitrification Plant in Washington and a national defense project in Alabama.

Mr. Miller’s presentation is titled “The Realities of Construction - Challenges Encountered in Managing the Construction and Startup of Building Systems.” He will be speaking on lessons learned and the challenges of start-up and commissioning of building automation systems. If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of January 9th, please email an officer, and we will take care of you. We look forward to seeing you there.

50,001 Ready Training at ORNL

In-Plant Training on 50001 Ready Energy Management

Dates: Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018 – Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

Training Site: Oak Ridge National Laboratory – (MDF - 2370 Cherahala Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37923)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and U.S. DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office are organizing a focused workshop on DOE’s 50001 Ready Energy Management program. Participants will learn the basics of implementing a 50001 Ready energy management system which is structured on the ISO 50001 standard.  Attendees will utilize the DOE 50001 Ready Navigator and several software tools - EnPI Lite, Energy Footprint and Automated Register of Implemented Projects (Project Register) - with real data and case study to enhance the learning.  Finally, the event will prepare participants to start implementing ISO 50001 practices and achieve 50001 Ready recognition.

If you are interested in participating please email ORNL’s Thomas Wenning (wenningtj@ornl.gov).

November Meeting

Please join us for our November 14th Meeting at Casual Pint in Hardin Valley at 11:30am. Our speaker is Earnie Bowles, Asst. General Manager for the Clinton Utilities Board. The lunch presentation will be “Demand Management and Demand Response explained from a utility distributor perspective.” If you did not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week on November 12th, please email an officer, and we will take care of you. We look forward to seeing you there.

Chapter Business and WEEC Roundtable Discussion

Please join us at our Luncheon Meet and Learn at Casual Pint Pub located at 10677 Hardin Valley Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932 on Wednesday October 10th.

Agenda Items:

1. There has been some difficulty in getting speakers and topics this year.  Hopper and Bosley propose that we have chapter members volunteer to serve on a committee to identify speaker topics and confirm speakers.

2. Board members have recommended a $ 1000.00 donation to AEE scholarship fund at the WEEC. Vote of approval of chapter members present at meeting.

3. General discussion about the 2018 WEEC and its features and member benefits.

4. Planning for a local Chapter outing prior to end of 2018

5. Other info and discussion items

Pizza and beverages will be served.

Eventbrite meeting notices will not be sent for this meeting

Payment(s) at the door.  Estimated cost of $ 12-13 each person.

Please RSVP if your schedule permits.


September Meeting

Please join us for our September 12th Meeting at Calhoun's in Turkey Creek at 11:30am. Our speaker will be Dr. Lee Martin, P.E., a Professor of Practice and director of the Minor  in Engineering Entrepreneurship from the UT College of Engineering. He was the founder of TeleRobotics International, Inc., which went public as Internet Pictures Corp (iPix) on the NASDAQ in 1999. He holds 20 US Patents in technologies related to telepresence, remote imaging, and battery charge sensing.

Dr. Martin holds mechanical engineering degrees from the University of Tennessee and Purdue University. He has twice received the Research and Development Magazine’s R&D 100 Award for product innovation (1983 for telerobotic controls and 1993 for omni-directional imaging).  In 1986, the National Society of Professional Engineers recognized him as the National Young Engineer of the Year. He authored the book, Techonomics, in 2007 published by the CRC press that anticipated the “virtual age” that we are now entering a decade later. 

Dr. Martin serves as vice-chairman of the board of Global Media Outreach, an organization that has utilized the Internet to present the Gospel worldwide over 1.5 billion times in the last decade.  He serves his local community as the president of the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee.  Lee enjoys playing trombone, tennis and creating multi-track music.  He is the father of three and resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife of 24 years Carla. 

Dr. Martin will be presenting on TRIZ (Russian Theory on Creative Thinking) and Techonomics.  The presentation will cover material from chapters in his book, “ Techonomics: The Theory of Industrial Evolution (Industrial Innovation)” Dr. Martin will also share and present some thoughts on the future of energy related to industrial uses of power and energy. If you do not receive an EventBrite invitation for this meeting before the week of Septempber 12th, please email an officer, and we will take care of you.


August Meeting

There will not be a meeting in August, but we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on September 12th for a presentation by Dr. Lee Martin from the University of Tennessee Industrial Engineering Department at Calhoun's in Turkey Creek.