World Energy Engineering Congress 2016

East Tennessee Chapter AEE Members and Friends, 

The 2016 WEEC is taking place September 21-23 in Washington, DC. Several members of our chapter have attended this event in years past and we would like to keep the tradition going. Please let us know if you plan on attending and we will connect you with other members who are. 

See their website for more information. 


Isaac Bosley, PE, CEM

August Meeting Announcement

We hope the Summer has treated you well. Please join us for our first meeting of the AEE year at Calhoun's in Turkey Creek on Wednesday the tenth. Our speaker will be Mr. David Tucker. See below for abstract and bio. 


The natural gas industry has changed significantly over the years from being a bundled service that the local utility provided to an unbundled deregulated market. David will not only discuss the fundamentals of natural gas and gas marketing, but also the ever changing supply landscape, price outlook, storage, LNG, renewables and all other aspects of this commodity. 


DAVID M. TUCKER is Vice President of Storage & Renewable Energy for Atmos Energy Marketing that serves over 1,000 industrial companies and 120 utility systems.
David has over 21 years’ experience in the energy industry. His roles at Atmos have ranged from scheduling & trading, origination, wholesale marketing, and asset management operations to his current roles of managing storage operations and renewable energy transactions.
Prior to his current role, David was responsible for Atmos Energy’s southeastern marketing operations across nine (9) states serving over 350 utility and industrial customers generating over $500,000,000 in annual sales revenue.
David is creator and co-author of Atmos Energy’s Natural Gas Notice, a free weekly market report with a readership of over 1,500 end-users. He frequently gives presentations on natural gas markets and pricing influences; and hosts an annual fundamental/technical natural gas workshop every June in Franklin, TN.


Southeastern Energy Society Announcement

Southeastern Energy Society
2016 Fall Luncheons and Teleseminars

The SEES Board is beginning the planning process for our Fall Luncheons and Seminars. Please contact us with any suggested topics or speakers by July 25th.

Contact Janice Shaw at 404.881.7761 or

Tentative Schedule

September 19, 2016
October 17, 2016
November 14, 2016

 Past presentations are available on the SEES website.

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June Speaker Announcement

ETC AEE is pleased to announce Roderick Jackson, Ph.D. as our June speaker. Dr. Jackson is the leader of the Building Envelope Systems Research Group at ORNL. See below for biography and abstract. 


Dr. Roderick Jackson is the group leader for the Building Envelope Systems Research team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the technical lead for the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) demonstration project. Under his leadership, AMIE brought together expertise from multiple research teams across ORNL, partners from industry, and the U.S. Department of Energy. After earning his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Jackson returned to Mississippi and started his own construction company with his father in 2003. He completed his master’s degree while running the business but decided to leave the company in 2005 to pursue his doctorate degree and a growing interest in energy technology and policy. That interest led him to ORNL in 2009, where he began doing research and development in the Buildings Technology Research and Integration Center. He holds a BS, a MS, and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech.


Inspired by the power of asking “what if”, the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) project ( not only asks the tough and non-obvious questions, but showcases an innovation platform to develop, integrate, and demonstrate solutions at game-changing speed and scale. Research teams at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and about 20 industry partners and organizations ventured to ask, “what if” our vehicles could be used to power our buildings and our buildings could be used to power our vehicles?  When combined with solar power, energy storage, energy management, and available grid services, could this shared energy vision provide an affordable, reliable, and connected energy system to answer the energy challenges of today? Electricity outages caused by extreme weather events, energy poverty around the globe, and intermittent renewable generation are all issues that are addressed by AMIE. This novel concept leverages rapid innovation through additive manufacturing to connect a natural-gas-powered hybrid electric vehicle to a home designed to produce, consume, and store renewable energy. The building and vehicle components were additively manufactured (3D printed) using ORNL’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. The printed utility vehicle’s (PUV’s) natural gas engine extends vehicle range and produces power for both vehicle and building. Energy flows between the two using fast, efficient bi-directional wireless power transfer—a first for level 2 charging. Finally, energy is stored in the home in recycled batteries that were once used to power an electric vehicle. In this presentation, Dr. Jackson will detail the story of AMIE and how this revolutionary project was successfully accomplished in just nine months. 

More about the AMIE demonstration project can be found at: and

2016 eChemExpo

Several ETC AEE members attended the 2016 eChemExpo for a day of educational seminar tracks, equipment technology showcases, and informative panels. Overall turn out this year was on par with or better than previous years. ETC AEE would like to extend a special thanks to our panelists Sharon Nolen, Chris Quillen, Bryce Hudey, and David Hopper. 

 From left to right - Isaac Bosley, Sharon Nolen, Scott Fesler, Chris Quillen, Bryce Hudey, Kim Smith, and David Hopper. Not shown - Jim Warren and Bud Ford

From left to right - Isaac Bosley, Sharon Nolen, Scott Fesler, Chris Quillen, Bryce Hudey, Kim Smith, and David Hopper. Not shown - Jim Warren and Bud Ford

April Meeting

The April Meeting will consist of ETC AEE in a Featured Panel at the 2016 eChem Expo in Kingsport, TN. The date is April 28th and our Panel is slotted for the 12:30-1:20 p.m. time frame. Please note you may earn up to 5.5 PDHs by attending various seminars at the Expo. If you will be attending please notify the webmaster for our records. 

Title: The Future of Energy Management in Manufacturing


Managing energy in the next two to seven years will take center stage in a users panel discussion sponsored by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and organized by Kim Smith, East Tennessee Chapter AEE President. Presentations will focus on both a national point of view and an Eastman perspective.
Attendees will learn what ESRB programs are available for manufacturers and how to obtain rebates for taking energy savings measures. Speakers will also address best practices for holding down energy costs and consumption.
This featured session is a continuation of the eChemExpo “Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Roundtable” series launched in 2014.


Moderator is David Hopper, the head of Hopco Inc., a consulting company specializing in energy and utilities management. He is currently helping to develop a corporate strategic plan for an Alexandria, Va., company, and recently developed a power quality and power management plan for an Icelandic manufacturing company.

Sharon Nolen, is manager of the Eastman Chemical Company Worldwide Energy Program. Under her leadership, Eastman has been named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for five consecutive years. She previously held leadership positions with the company in process engineering, plant engineering, utilities, corporate quality and information technology. 
Chris Quillen, customer service manager for Tennessee Valley Authority’s local power companies in the Northeast Tennessee region, was previously the principal engineer over the TVA’s comprehensive services program.
Bryce Hudey serves as site energy efficiency and sustainability manager in the Facilities Management Division of the Facilities and Operations directorate at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Check the eChem Expo website for more panel information by clicking here

2016 eChem Expo

The 9th Annual eChem Expo will be taking place on April 28 in Kingsport, TN. You have the ability to obtain 5 PDHs through various "Meet the Experts" style seminars. See the flier here or their website more information. 

March Meeting Announcement

Please join us March 9th at Calhoun's Turkey Creek where Harvey Abouelata with ARiES Energy will be presenting on turning waste streams into energy streams. See below for Harvey's bio and abstract. 


Harvey Abouelata, founded ARiES Energy in 2012 with the intention of helping communities transition into a new economic future, moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable natural resources and zero waste.  As president, Harvey oversees sales, product development, and marketing of residential and commercial products and services for power production.   Harvey has extensive experience in business management, business planning, strategy, sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, implementation, and new technology brand identity with concentration in the renewable energy field.

Since graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984, Harvey has been helping businesses launch, reorganize, and bring new technology to market. Harvey excels at setting up successful sales, marketing, business plans and economic development strategies for companies, as well as executing public outreach and education.

While being involved in the solar industry, Harvey has succeeded in bringing millions of dollars in grants to local companies and the state of Tennessee. He is very active in the community and has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility both in and outside of the work environment.

Harvey enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristin, a top producing loan officer with Mortgage Investors Group. Together they have two teenage daughters, supporting the youngest child’s passion for hunter jumper equestrian sport and the eldest’s love for guitar and field hockey.


ARiES Energy strives towards energy independence, environmental stewardship, and economic development.  In order to do this we evaluate our clients needs, reduce based on our evaluation and provide opportunities for energy production. This presentation will discuss turning waste streams into energy and revenue streams.  

Harvey will provide examples of a number of appplications for local industries. One example profile is Sevier Solid Waste (SSWI), a landfill located in pidgeon forge that caters to a growing number of visitors every year.  Wih Dollywood and a great number of attractions, SSWI manages a lot of waste and is currenly one of the only composting facilities in the nation. 

With the application of Biomass gasification at SSWI, the landfill can move towards becoming a zero waste facility.  Biochar, the bi product of gasification, is also valuable as it can be used as a clean coal substitute, as a soil ammendment, and as a filter.  Through SSWI we can envision turning the majority of their waste stream and through gasification create a revenue stream.   

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January Speaker Announcement

We are pleased to host Dr. Adam Paxson as the first speaker of 2016. Please join us at 11:30 on January 13th to kick off the new year with East Tennessee Chapter. See the "Meetings" tab to sign up for our mailing list. See below for abstract and bio. 


Dr. Paxson (MIT MechE PhD ’14, S.M. ’11, S.B. ’09) is an expert on advanced dropwise condensation technologies, with 6 years experience with advanced hydrophobic coatings. He previously co-founded LiquiGlide, which won the 2012 MIT $100k Audience Choice and was one of the TIME Magazine Best Inventions of the Year. He completed his PhD in the lab of Prof. Kripa Varanasi in Mechanical Engineering, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, MIT Energy Fellow, and Martin Family Sustainability Fellow, co-author of 9 journal publications, and co-inventor of 11 patents.


Heat exchangers are a crucial part of every thermal fluid system, from the intercoolers and radiators used to cool cars and trucks, to the condensers and evaporators that drive HVAC/R equipment, to the massive boilers and condensers that drive manufacturing processes and power plants. They rely on very thin heat transfer surfaces that are extremely sensitive to even the slightest degree of fouling and corrosion, which creates a process bottleneck and forces operators to either reduce output capacity, consume more energy to compensate, or shut down completely to clean the affected heat exchanger. For all of these problems, conventional liquid-based anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings are far too thick and can insulate the heat transfer surfaces. Faced with this unacceptable performance tradeoff, the status quo is to leave the equipment uncoated and to bear the significant costs of the fouling and corrosion that inevitably occur. Using an innovative vapor-based deposition process, DropWise coatings are chemically grafted to virtually any surface and built up to precise thicknesses. The chemical grafting provides an extremely durable bond that has surpassed testing under severe industrial conditions, and the coating thicknesses can be tuned to nanometer precision to be hundreds of times thinner than conventional coatings. This presentation will cover the basics of how the coating process works, and some preliminary heat transfer results on steam condenser applications. 


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